• 40 ton winch

  • 23' deck

  • 1 man crew (second crew member may be requested)

  • 15000L Tank

  • rear mounted spray bar

  • 3/4” x 100’ hand line

  • hoses for self-loading and water transfer

  • all wheel drive and capable of speeds up to 65km/hr.

  • equipped with forestry connections for hose lay operations


This versatile unit can also work as:

  • a water transfer unit

  • fire control unit with use of an extra crew man and hand line

  • winch/tow unit - the operator can self unload the skidded water tank and then can assist with towing or moving skidded equipment with use of its winch and live roll.






Wildfire Suppression

- Now Offering -
Off-Road Fire Trucks
Off-Road Water Transfer/Tow Unit

Over the last couple years we have seen a growing demand for units that are versatile to work both on and off road to assist ESRD and fire management teams with wildfires. With our sister company Range Helicopters providing the needed aid from above, we have expanded our fleet to offer aid from the ground. The off road units have been approved for hire and are listed with the ESRD. The crews for the equipment have received orientations on wildfire control through the ESRD. All units are based out of our Drayton Valley Branch.

Marauder 4500ATV

Super Delta ATV Tanker

  • equipped with a 2 man crew

  • support crew truck

  • remote control turret mounted monitor

  • under body nozzles

  • foam capability (foam agent supplied upon request)

  • all wheel drive and capable of speeds up to 65 km/hr.

  • units will remain loaded on lowbeds during the fire season for quick deployment

  • equipped with forestry connections for hose lay operations

  • 65 meter range

  • self loading