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   "Good communication means finding out exactly what you need and arranging the right equipment and team skills to meet your tight deadline"


- Kevin Hayduk, President / Owner

About Us

Hayduk Picker Service has a diverse cross-section of staff ranging from new employees with new energy to long standing employees who bring years of experience to bear. These dedicated people work hard to ensure that new customers become long term customers and long term customers are always satsified. With a focus on service and integrity Hayduk Picker Service combines excellence in staff and equipment to earn superior results.



Hayduk Picker Service will use all our diversified resources to meet any lift or hauling challenge. We are constantly building and researching new ways of doing the job.



We value good communication with our customers. By finding out exactly what the customer is looking for we can get the job done and meet the tight deadlines of the resource sector. Our Project coordination and in-house resources means we present a strong foundation for stability and continued growth in the service industry.

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